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The Steinhoff saga is not the first instance of large corporation engaging in irregular/unlawful activity. We are only scratching at the surface. Last year we brought to light evidence of rogue spies, money laundering and unlawful surveillance by certain multinationals.

The multinational concerned publicly announced it had instructed a firm of attorneys to conduct investigations on their behalf in respect of allegations which included corruption, money-laundering, tax evasion, unfair trade practices, and undue influence over state officials.

We have written to the multinational concerned, as interested and affected parties with our members having been victims of the aforementioned conduct, as to the outcome of this investigation as we believe it to be in the public’s interest and that of our members.

MoreWe have further required as to whether any persons implicated there in have been reported to the relevant law enforcement agencies and/or whether they have faced any internal disciplinary actions or sanctions.

It also of interest to us whether the multinational concerned has complied with all statutory obligations insofar as the reporting requirements of suspected criminal offences both in SA and other relevant jurisdictions.

It is quite concerning that over a year later we are yet to receive the outcome of this investigation where there have been allegations of serious misconduct and possible unlawfulness by a large multinational.

The issue here is how is it that the media, public interest groups, and law enforcement agencies seem to react swiftly to relatively small cases, but when the big multi-nationals are implicated, there’s zero action.

We are not saying Hawks/SAPS/NPA should not investigate and prosecute. It’s rather a question of even handedness & equity. It seems big multi-nationals get preferential treatment whilst getting away with things when they are accused of any wrongdoing.

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