· To create a fair-trading environment, free of competitor harassment and unfair competition for Southern African Cigarette Manufactures and Tobacco Stakeholders.


· FITA aims to protect and further establish the business, legislative and constitutional interests and rights of its Members and the Tobacco Industry by lobbying, mentoring, networking and through the creation of strategic alliances with government and the private sector.


1. To promote fair trade and competition in the Tobacco Industry.

2. To further the interests of the overall Tobacco Industry in Southern Africa.

3. To ensure equality within the organisation for all FITA Members.

4. To ensure equal and fair membership contributions.

5. To educate Members on their rights and responsibilities.

6. To assist and protect the rights of its Members and to promote fair representation of its Members in industry matters and forums.

7. To encourage and facilitate information sharing services between Members and non-member Tobacco Stakeholders.